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Understanding the Guitar Scales and How its created

When you have understood upon the fretboard and its relation to the keyboard, further you will feel comfortable in knowing more on this that how the scales are defined and how easily you can play any scale. Scales are named after the node from where it starts. Eg: a C scale would mean, that you are starting from the C node of the guitar/keyboard and thus playing C D E F G A B. You can see below the fretboard from the previous lesson and from the entire seven musical nodes C D E F G A B, we will elaborate and also consider the nodes in between these seven nodes, which we skip and dont play in order to play any actual scale. In the below image, focus on the string B, and start from fret number 1. That is, the C node. This is just to elaborate as I said, all the nodes which are played as well as skipped when playing a C scale are: C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B (Focus on String B in the above image). So all in all, there are total 12 nodes if we count the skipped nodes also. With thi

Guitar Learning Tool :: Amazing

There are plenty of video games out right now that can make just about anyone feel like a rock star, but how about one that actually teaches you how to play an instrument? According to its website, Guitar Apprentice “ain’t no video game,” it’s a free application that can be downloaded to a PC or Mac. Instead of a controller, players use their real guitar to play the songs that come up on the screen. There is a free song every week, and a monthly subscription gets you access to the whole catalog. The application guides players with colors that correspond to their fingers and shows the neck of the guitar on-screen with the chords. The screen setup looks a little bit like “Guitar Hero” except, instead of rocker avatars, there are close-ups on each corner of the screen that show how the chords are being played. Classic songs are featured in the catalog with vocals, but they don’t distract from the chords. Each level allows users to play certain chords, and as they progress to higher le

Understanding the relation between a guitar FretBoard and a Piano

When you have practiced enough on your first scale in Guitar Learning Menu , which actually is a very essential step to enhance your relationship with your guitar. You may feel it boring as it does not give any sound. But its just the beginning. And this practice will make you become comfortable with your guitar and develop a synchronization between your two hands. When one hand is running the pick, the other hand is playing with the strings on the fretboard. So, lets move on to your next lesson on scales. Before you begin with practicing the scale, I would urge you to have a thorough look at the below image depicting the nodes on the entire fret board. No need to cram it for now, but yes, try to grasp as much as possible and slowly you will be able to recall that what node gives what sound out of the seven musical notes : C D E F G A B. All the nodes which are named with reference to the previous node is given the name as the previous node followed by hash (#). Similarly, if the

Fernandez Guitars releases the Revolver Elite JS

A new form of camouflage is here, inspired by Grammy-nominee and frontman of Spineshank and Silent Civilian, Jonny Santos. A vibrant red is added to the military pattern, making this guitar a one of a kind monster powered by the mighty EMG-81 in bridge, EMG S in the middle and Fernandes Sustainer in the neck position. Get ready to shred with this metal machine, featuring Silent Civilian logo in 12th fret and truss rod cover, Jonny wont trade his Revolver guitars for any other. Specifications: - Revolver Elite JS Body: Alder - Neck: Maple, Neck-Thru - Fingerboard: Maple, 25 1/2 Scale, 24 Jumbo frets, 16 radius, S-logo 12th Fret inlay + Dot inlays - Nut: Locking - Tuning Gears: Die Cast - Bridge: Floyd Rose Licensed Tremolo - Controls: 1 Volume, 1 Tone, Sustainer Intensity, Sustainer On/Off & Mode switches - Pickups: Neck: Sustainer, Middle: EMG S, Bridge: EMG 81 - Colors: Red Camo For more information, please visit

Introducing the Don Felder 'Hotel California' EDS-1275

Frequently named in polls for the 'world's greatest guitar solos', and listed at #49 in Rolling Stone magazine's '500 Greatest Songs of All Time', Don Felder and Joe Walsh's dual guitar solo on the Eagles’ 'Hotel California' tapped a searing tone and an atmospheric vibe that still resonate today. To give live renditions their maximum impact, Don Felder has—right from the start—played the hit song on a Gibson EDS-1275 Double Neck, performing the haunting 12-string introduction on the guitar’s top neck (routed through a Leslie rotating speaker unit) and switching to the lower 6-string neck for the epic soloing dual with Joe Walsh. To honor this legendary pairing of artist and instrument, Gibson Custom introduces the Don Felder “Hotel California” SG Double Neck guitar, in a strictly Limited Edition with only 50 aged and signed units and 100 aged units produced. The instrument is crafted in the image of Gibson’s iconic EDS-1275 Double 12 model, only ar

GuitarSlinger presents the Dario Lorina Custom Overdrive Pedal

GuitarSlinger Products has collaborated with Dario Lorina (of Lizzy Borden), to produce the Signature Model Dario Lorina Custom Overdrive Pedal. Dario Lorina Custom Features: - Signal processing like best tube amps - True Bypass - Strictly limited edition - Classy "vintage" wiring - Alpha pots with metal shafts - Status LED for battery check - Runs on the DC power supply - Hand selected condenser and resistance - Hand selected op amps and transistors - Heavy duty, well-shielded casing - Full control with guitar volume - Totally handcrafted in Tokyo/Japan - Retail Price €289 (incl. VAT) - 2 Year Guarantee For more information, please visit