Thermonetix announces new Guitar customization option for Stratocaster owners

Thermonetix has announced the release of a brand new patent pending product, the Guitar Body Hugger. The Guitar Body Hugger is a new option in guitar customization that makes changing the color or design of a guitar not only simple, but also affordable. The Guitar Body Hugger is a clear glossy cover made from .040 PETG plastic that has been molded to conform to the face and sides of a guitar body. It is a durable and protective cover that is made to be personalized by the guitar owner.

Guitar owners can personalize their Hugger using various paints, graphics, stickers and materials, including faux fur. The Guitar Body Hugger is the perfect alternative to an expensive and timely refurbishing or guitar refinishing project. A typical guitar restoration project can take weeks from start to finish, cost hundreds of dollars and not only is it permanent, there is also risk of damage to the guitar. That is not the case with the Guitar Body Hugger. The Hugger is very affordable, installs in minutes, can be removed and reused as often as the guitarist wants, and does not cause damage or require alteration to the guitar.
The Guitar Body Hugger is available for purchase for only $19.95. The Hugger is currently manufactured to fit USA Fender Stratocasters, Mexican Fender Stratocasters, and Fender Squiers made in Indonesia, India and China. Other models are currently in the developmental stages.
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