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Thermonetix has announced the release of a brand new patent pending product, the Guitar Body Hugger. The Guitar Body Hugger is a new option in guitar customization that makes changing the color or design of a guitar not only simple, but also affordable. The Guitar Body Hugger is a clear glossy cover made from .040 PETG plastic that has been molded to conform to the face and sides of a guitar body. It is a durable and protective cover that is made to be personalized by the guitar owner.

Guitar owners can personalize their Hugger using various paints, graphics, stickers and materials, including faux fur. The Guitar Body Hugger is the perfect alternative to an expensive and timely refurbishing or guitar refinishing project. A typical guitar restoration project can take weeks from start to finish, cost hundreds of dollars and not only is it permanent, there is also risk of damage to the guitar. That is not the case with the Guitar Body Hugger. The Hugger is very affordable, installs in minutes, can be removed and reused as often as the guitarist wants, and does not cause damage or require alteration to the guitar.
The Guitar Body Hugger is available for purchase for only $19.95. The Hugger is currently manufactured to fit USA Fender Stratocasters, Mexican Fender Stratocasters, and Fender Squiers made in Indonesia, India and China. Other models are currently in the developmental stages.
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Audiotech Guitar Products have announced they're now, once again taking factory direct orders for their full product line. You can now contact the company and place your order directly by using their online order form. The company will also take factory direct custom orders as well. The full product line will still be available through their many dealers with the exception of custom products, and they encourage customers to contact their nearest dealer.
The company will also be accepting major credit cards for factory direct purchases. "Guitar players can still purchase our products through our dealers, but we find we're able to give much better customer service and individual attention when customers contact us directly" says company president Eric Roberts. "Especially around the holidays when things are a little crazy, this is something we've wanted to do for our customers for a long time" he adds.
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The uncompromising, earthy rock sound of the legendary humbucking pickups became the holy grail of generations of electric guitar players, but they faced a problem: What did they do when the next song on the set list is a soulful ballad, which needs a brilliant acoustic sound?
Up until now, the only thing to do is change instruments. No matter how good your 'Clean' tone is, it can never match up to a true acoustic guitar.

This problem is now a thing of the past thanks to Shadow's active NanoMAG pickup technology. NanoMAG – which can be fitted in the fingerboard of your instrument – compliments the traditional Humbucker sound by adding a clear, proper acoustic tone to your electric guitar.
With an ultra-wide frequency response, the NanoMAG captures all the harmonics and subtle acoustic overtones that regular magnetic pickups cannot. Using the front controls, you can isolate the humbuckers, isolate the NanoMAG or mix tones freely. Using the dual outputs, you can run the Humbuckers and NanoMAG pickups to separate outputs for true STEREO sound. But that's not all: The NanoMAG can also be seamlessly blended with your humbucker sound. You now have more tonal possibilities than you ever imagined on your electric guitar!
With this revolutionary system you can play a crystal clear ballad, a dirty blues riff and an ultra-heavy metal riff with the same guitar — nothing is impossible. Now, you have your favourite guitar with two distinct tonal characters and infinite combinations. Go ahead and check it out yourself!
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Since the V-Pick Tradition line was introduced, their popularity has been growing rapidly among V-Pick players of the world. Now, the next step in the evolution of the V-Pick Tradition, the new Tradition 4.0 Guitar pick.

It sports the very same shape as the regular Tradition. Except this pick is 10% larger and 4.10mm thick. This guitar pick is VERY comfortable and fast as well. Incredible tone too. It is a big, warm tone, yet the traditional point creates plenty of brightness and articulation. It is a big pick, yes, but due to the common pick shape, it really does not feel big at all. It really is quite comfortable. The two rounded top corners are very usable also. Basically, they are like the Big Fatty's corners. You can flip this pick around and get a totally different sound and feel, all this with one pick.
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BG Pups Handwound Pickups and Bryan Gunsher has announced the addition of Cream and White to the color choices for the ground breaking Pure90 pickup. The Pure90 pickup is a true vintage wound BG Pups P90 sized down to fit the route of a humbucker guitar.

This pickup captures the feel sound and vibe of a classic P90 Pickup. This pickup features Alnico magnets, nickel baseplate and pole screws, vintage braid or 2 conductor leads all packaged in a concept correct plastic cover. This pickup is now available in black, cream and white
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Michael Lewis Guitars' new line will feature four models: the Pro 1, Pro 1T, Pro 35 and Panther, all designed to withstand the rigors of extended play either in the studio or on stage. Each element of the guitars was carefully selected by Lewis — including the strings. All four models feature either electric Light or Medium gauge Elixir Strings with NANOWEB Coating.
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Native Instruments has introduced SCARBEE JAY-BASS, a new software instrument that provides an authentic rendition of the legendary Fender Jazz Bass. JAY-BASS is based on the acclaimed Scarbee Red Bass library, and is the latest release in the partnership between Native Instruments and sampling expert Thomas Hansen Skarbye, complementing the available PRE-BASS and MM-BASS instruments.
Powered by the industry-leading KONTAKT engine and playable both via the full KONTAKT 4 sampler and the free KONTAKT PLAYER, SCARBEE JAY-BASS recreates the full sonic spectrum of the Jazz Bass in both slapped and fingered playing styles, delivering an arsenal of classic funky bass tones suitable for a wide range of music genres. All four strings of the original instrument have been expertly sampled in nine velocities, resulting in over 4,000 individual studio-grade samples.

The sample material was recorded through a DI for maximum sonic flexibility, retaining the distinctive original character of the instrument, and using round-wound strings for a bright and punchy sound. Specific "Player Profiles" for various genres as well as EQ and effect controls allow musicians and producers to further customize the sound and behavior of JAY-BASS to fit the musical context.
To provide all the intricacies of an actual electric bass guitar, JAY-BASS takes full advantage of the unique scripting features of KONTAKT, resulting in a performance that is virtually indistinguishable from a real professional bassist. Authentic articulations and playing techniques include hammer-ons, pull-offs, grace notes, various trills, mutes, harmonics, pickup hits, fret noises and much more, most of which are automatically triggered based on the note material. The fretboard display in KONTAKT and KONTAKT PLAYER shows the playing position and articulation of each note in real-time, with intelligent string selection and index finger/middle finger alternation as well as dedicated slide and chord modes that contribute to the unparalleled authenticity of the instrument.
SCARBEE JAY-BASS is available for download purchase in the NI Online Shop for $89 / €79.
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Guitar Unleashed has been released. Learn to play Guitar with our Guitar Unleashed software application that grows as you learn. Each guitar software application contains all you need to get you started when learning guitar. From beginner to advanced Guitar Unleashed will show you how to play the guitar. From the moment you launch your Guitar Unleashed application you will be immersed in an international language that has no borders. We provide a full multimedia guitar lesson experience with the highest quality video, audio and notation.

Guitar Unleashed Features:
- 30 high definition Video guitar lessons, totalling more than 7 hours of top quality guitar instruction, custom produced for us by Lick Library from beginner to advanced including tablature produced in house here at CDH Software where required for the lesson.
- Configurable neck including support for left handed players. No more spending extra time trying to figure out scales and chord charts that are nearly always written for right handed players. One click of a button and the whole fretboard flips over to a left handed instrument. The fretboard also comes in 3 color settings (Maple, Rosewood and Ebony).
- Scales for 27 Scale types including all 7 modes plus pentatonic scales and Melodic/Harmonic minor scales and more in all 12 keys.
- Over 1,000 chords including Major, Minor, Major7, Dominant7 and Minor7 with multiple voicings for all keys
- Triads showing root, 1st, 2nd inversions starting on Low E, A, G and D strings for Major, Minor, Augmented, Diminished and Suspended triads in all 12 Keys.
- The ability to navigate to any position in your media files using the slider from the media control.
- The ability to set loop areas within all media files to allow you to repeat sections over and over again until you nail it.
- Metronone that can be set to up to 260 beats per minute so you can practise those licks at slower tempos until you are shredding like a pro.
- Undockable screens to allow you to view multiple areas of the guitar lesson software at a time. It is very useful to be able to view the scale/chord/triad on the configurable neck whilst watching a video guitar lesson on scales or chords. Immerse yourself in the music and become a part of the band.
- Repository for storing and viewing additional tablature downloaded from your favorite tablature sites.
- After a hard days practise chill out in the Media Room where you can view your favorite videos or listen to your favorite tracks.
- Supports the following video formats: WMV; MPG; MPEG; AVI (Some video formats require the DivX codec available from the DivX website).
- Supports the following audio formats: MP3; WAV; MID; WMA.
- Guitar Unleashed can be expanded by you by adding new guitar lessons from Lick Library or your favorite sites and playing them all through your Guitar Unleashed software. No need to have several different applications to view your tablature, listen to your audio or play your videos. Guitar Unleashed is the complete Guitar Learning workshop that grows as you grow as a player.
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PRS Guitars' New Grab-and-Go Amplifier - The PRS 30 Combo

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Described as an English sound with an American twist, PRS's newest amplifier package, the PRS 30 Combo, is the first 30-Watt cathode biased combo in a series of lower wattage amps. The series kicked off with the 16-Watt PRS Sweet 16 model earlier this year.
The new 30-Watt Combo features a quartet of EL84 tubes with a control layout similar to PRS's Dallas model and a 1 x 12 cabinet with ET65 WGS speakers. PRS 30 Combos are handmade in Stevensville, Maryland. Other features include reverb, bright switch, and a special master volume that is dialed out of the circuit as the amp's volume is at max setting.

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VHT has introduced The Special 6, a 6-watt handwired combo or head and cabinet combination that offers players extra features, superior sound quality, and exceptional value. The Special 6 is the first handwired amp to be offered for a list price below $300. Boutique amp players will love the Special 6's combination of handwired tube goodness, unique features, and unparalleled value. The mod-friendly Special 6 is easy to customize for home amp builders and tube amp enthusiasts.
The Special 6 gets its powerful tube sound from one 12AX7 preamp tube and one 6V6 output tube. It boasts a footswitchable Gain Boost feature that significantly expands its range of tones — it's the only amp in its class that excels at both clean and overdriven tones, and it's the only amp in its class to offer a footswitchable boost. With the Gain Boost, players can instantly toggle between clean rhythm tones and overdriven leads, essentially duplicating the footswitchable functions of a 2-channel amp in an all-tube, handwired, simple, 2-knob package.
To further expand its range of tones, the Special 6 also features a High/Low power switch that enhances low-volume tones with extra-smooth richness (when in half-power mode). It's a great feature for recording, or for low-volume "bedroom" players. In high-power mode, it's one of the few amps in its class that is loud enough to compete with a strong drummer.
The Special 6 will be available as a combo and also as a head. The combo will feature a special high-sensitivity VHT special design 10" speaker. The Special 6 head will be offered with a separate Special 1x12 speaker cabinet, featuring the player's choice of a VHT special design 12" speaker or a premium Celestion G12H30 speaker.
The VHT Special 6 combo has a MAP of $199.99; the Special 6 head has a MAP of $179.99 and the 1x12" Special 6 Cabinet starts at $149.99. All three are available now.
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Schecter Guitars had unveiled the Diamond-P Custom Bass. The touring/recording professional bassist will find the classic 34” scale double cutaway silhouette in Alder, perfect for classic tones to aggressive modern sounds. Completely retooled, the Diamond-P Custom with Schecter’s proprietary Super Rock humbucker (bridge) and Monster Tone II (neck) pickups allow for full control over tonal approaches.
Tapping the Super Rock extends the range of this bass and paired with a Schecter custom Top Load/String Thru high mass bridge will allow for tensioned dropped tunings many players utilize today. Grover tuners keep it all in precise tune. Putting this in your arsenal will run you an easy ($729) MSRP with a color choice of three in either Gloss Black (BLK), Dark Metallic Blue (DMB), Vintage White (VWHT).

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D'Andrea Inc has announced an agreement with Ken Smith of Ken Smith Basses LTD. to serve as worldwide distributor of KSD (Ken Smith Designs) Basses. D'Andrea will be responsible for worldwide distribution, marketing, and customer support of KSD Basses which include the "Proto J Series", and the exciting new "Burner Select Series". The new Burner Basses are reproductions of Ken Smith's BSR 'B' body and neck designs, powered by Hum-Cancelling Soapbar Pickups with Defeatable 2-band active EQ.
KSD Basses will be on display at the D'Andrea Winter NAMM Booth #4858.
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Warwick and Framus are famous for using various types of precious woods for the tops and bodies of their spectacular special edition solid-body instruments. Now however, it is possible to choose from a wide selection of precious wood-types for Framus Mayfield and Warwick Star Bass II semi-hollow body instruments. Precious woods can be used for the top, bottom and sides each and a matched headstock is possible, creating a valuable single copy built by the Warwick Custom Shop.

Framus Mayfield
Besides the standard options (Plain Maple or Mahogany for the Mayfield Pro, AAA Flamed Maple, AAA Quilted Maple, Mahogany or Rio Rosewood for the Mayfield Custom), the following variations are now available as Custom Shop options: Amboina Burl, Bubinga, Bubinga Pommele, Flamed Maple (AAAA / AAAAA), Quilted Maple (AA / AAAA / AAAAA), Rio Rosewood Pyramid, Tears of Dracula (European Quilted Maple), Tigerwood "Special", Spalted Maple B Class and Spalted Maple A Class.

Warwick Star Bass II
In addition to standard Bubinga Pommelé and Flamed Maple AAA veneers, the following new veneers are available: Amboina Burl, Bubinga, Mahogany, Flamed Maple (AAAA / AAAAA), Quilted Maple (AA / AAA / AAAA / AAAAA), Rio Rosewood, Rio Rosewood Pyramid, Tears of Dracula (European Quilted Maple), Tigerwood "Special", Spalted Maple B Class and Spalted Maple A Class.
The Framus Guitar Museum is now open in Markneukirchen! This Museum tells the amazing story of Framus Guitars from 1946 to modern day. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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An optional “finger ramp” is now available on new Pedulla bass guitars (fretted or fretless). The ramp fits snugly between the two pickups keeping the body-to-string vertical distance consistent at the height of the pickups, accommodating those players that prefer the “contact”’ to anchor and gauge their finger style stroke, while allowing ample depth between the fingerboard and pickup for “pop” technique. The edge of the ramp remains parallel to the string and acts as a “multi-position” thumbrest. Available now on new Pedulla basses (excluding the Rapture).
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Friends let friends play their Martin guitars. Credit David Bromberg for bringing fellow guitar wizard Jorma Kaukonen back into the C. F. Martin fold and inspiring the impressive new Martin M-30 Jorma Kaukonen Custom Artist Edition.

“I played a gig with David Bromberg somewhere in New Jersey and he brought along the prototype of his Martin M-42 Signature Edition,” recalls Kaukonen. “I played that guitar and immediately fell in love with it. ‘When this guitar goes into production, I’ve got to have one,’ I told him. ‘Done,’ he said. When I got it, I loved it and I still do.” So much so, in fact, Kaukonen now plays Martin acoustic guitars exclusively.

While playing a loaned Martin Custom Shop M, Jorma began to really love certain aspects of that guitar (which he calls the “M-5”) and decided to combine specifications from it and the M-42 David Bromberg to create the Martin M-30 Jorma Kaukonen Custom Artist Edition.

One can appreciate Jorma’s selection of Martin’s M body style (jumbo width, 000 depth and 25.4” scale) for his Custom Artist Edition; it handles everything from fingerpicking to flatpicking with ease. The M-30 Jorma Kaukonen Custom Artist Edition features a top of rare Italian Alpine Spruce and forward-shifted scalloped braces for full, saturated tone and impressive dynamic range. The top is paired with East Indian rosewood back and sides for rich, warm bass and strong projection, with an enlarged soundhole for enhanced midrange and treble response.

The Modified V neck with diamond volute is carved from genuine mahogany. “As much as I love my Bromberg, my aging hands need a somewhat wider neck. This works beautifully for my style of playing.”

In a career that has spanned five decades, Jorma first went electric as the lead guitarist of Jefferson Airplane in 1965. The Airplane became one of America’s most popular bands of the era, helping define the San Francisco Sound with hits like “Somebody to Love,” “White Rabbit,” and had eight Top 20 albums during his seven-year tenure. He also first recorded his fingerstyle classic, “Embryonic Journey,” while with the group. Jorma was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Jefferson Airplane in 1996.

Before he left the Airplane, Jorma and longtime friend (and Airplane bassist) Jack Casady joined forces in a side project: Hot Tuna. It began as a duo playing acoustic blues and expanded to include additional musicians, different genres, electric sets and original material. More than 35 years and 25+ albums later, Hot Tuna is still going strong, with Jorma, Jack and multi-instrumentalist Barry Mitterhoff mixing acoustic and occasional electric performances.

Jorma has also recorded 13 solo albums and in 2002 released “Blue Country Heart,” an album of traditional country blues that received a Grammy Award nomination for “Best Traditional Folk Album.”

In 1998, Jorma and his wife Vanessa established Fur Peace Ranch in the rolling foothills of southeastern Ohio. Here guitarists of all styles and skill levels stay, play and learn at workshops led by Jorma and an impressive roster of top musicians. Fur Peace Ranch also hosts a concert series throughout the year called “Live From the Fur Peace Ranch.” This series is broadcast on the Ohio University NPR affiliate, WOUB.

In complement to its unique design, the Martin M-30 Jorma Kaukonen Custom Artist Edition showcases handsome vintage Style 30 appointments, the first time they have been used with the M body style and only the second time they have appeared on a modern Martin. A Style 45 rosette in select abalone pearl (with the inner ring eliminated) encircles the large soundhole and a vintage-inspired polished and beveled Delmar tortoise-color pickguard protects the top.

The polished East Indian rosewood headplate frames an abalone pearl version of the familiar “C. F. Martin” logo, which arches over a slightly modified Martin “torch” inlay, also in abalone pearl. Nickel Waverly tuners with oval ivoroid buttons complete the headstock. The African black ebony fingerboard features rare Maltese “diamond and squares” position markers in abalone pearl, with a Maltese cross at the 3rd fret, two diamonds at the 5th fret, a square at the 7th fret, two diamonds at the 9th fret, a square flanked by cats eyes at the 12th fret and a cats eye at the 15th fret, and culminating in his “Jorma” signature – no last name needed here - inlaid between the 19th and 20th frets. Both the headstock and fingerboard are bound in grained ivoroid, and inset with mitered black/white fine line inlays. Black/white fine line inlays also accent the grained ivoroid heel cap and end piece.

The nut, compensated saddle, pearl dot-topped bridge pins and endpin are all crafted from bone. Aging toner on the top adds to the guitar’s vintage vibe, and Martin’s polished gloss lacquer finish highlights the beauty of both its tonewoods and appointments.

Each Martin M-30 Jorma Kaukonen Custom Artist Edition guitar is delivered in a vintage style Geib™ hardshell case, and bears an interior label personally signed by Jorma Kaukonen numbered in sequence without the total, and a second interior label depicting his Fur Peace Ranch. Left-handed guitars may be ordered without additional charge and factory-installed electronics are an extra cost option. Authorized C. F. Martin dealers will begin taking orders for the Jorma Kaukonen Custom Artist Edition immediately and participating dealers will be listed on the C. F. Martin website:

The venerable FG acoustic guitar, introduced in the 1960's with the famous Red Label, is the world's top-selling guitar model of all time. The famous guitar line is now complemented by the new FJX730SC and FJX720SC acoustic-electric, medium jumbo body models, which will be introduced at Summer NAMM 2009.

What's more, the FJX730SC comes with Yamaha's critically-heralded A.R.T. (Acoustic Resonance Transducer) acoustic-electric pickup system, which will also be available in the dreadnought-style FGX730SC. The FJX720SC and FGX720SC include the piezo-based System55T pickup.

Built to strict standards, all models include the finest, hand-selected and naturally-dried solid Sitka Spruce tops. The 730 models include high-grade Rosewood back and sides; the 720's feature mahogany backs and sides.

The 730 models offer the one-way A.R.T. preamp system which features two proprietary transducer contact pickups precisely placed underneath the bridge. It minimizes feedback and maximizes the acoustic guitar's natural sound. The system also comes with a three-band EQ, adjustable mid-range control and onboard tuner.

The FJX730SC, FG730SC with A.R.T. pickup system (MSRP: $899.99), and the FJX720SC (MSRP: $789.99)are available now.

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Epiphone Guitar has announced the release of the Limited Edition Roy Orbison 12-String Signature Acoustic model. Produced in cooperation with the legendary singer/songwriter Roy Orbison estate, the model is based upon Roy’s own 1962 Epiphone “Bard” 12-string acoustic guitar. Orbison used his original Epiphone acoustic to write and perform many of his most well-known songs including perhaps his biggest hit, “Oh, Pretty Woman.”

In celebration of the launch of the Epiphone Limited Edition Roy Orbison 12-String Acoustic, the guitar maker will be launching worldwide promotions throughout the month of November including the search for the ultimate “Pretty Woman,” and giveaways of Roy Orbison’s signature sunglasses in-store and in-market tied to media promotions and special musical star appearances. From New York to Nashville and from Mumbai to Singapore, Orbison fans will have a chance to celebrate and be part of the famous “Oh Pretty Woman” hit during the month long promotional campaign.

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Schecter Guitars presents the Damien Elite collection. Built upon the success of it’s older siblings and redesigned specifically for the intermediate player, the Damien Elite series meets the demands of the price conscious consumer looking for high-end components in an affordable guitar.

Featuring a Mahogany body with bolt-on maple neck, Rosewood 24x Jumbo fret board and available with an optional Floyd Rose tremolo or as string thru body design bridge by TonePros. With metal in mind, the EMG-HZ H4/H4A pickups provide plenty of sonic control for tight low ends, clear highs and a noticeable clarity in the mid range. Black Pearl Bat inlays, Grover tuners and a simple Vol/Tone/3-way configuration compliment the Satin Black finish.

Schecter puts the 25.5” scale Damien Elite 6 string at ($729) MSRP, the 26.5” scale Damien Elite 7 string ($799) MSRP and Damien Elite 8 string ($869) MSRP. Throw in an optional Floyd Rose at $70 bucks. The 25.5” scale Damien Elite Solo-6 ($729) MSRP is only available as a 6 string and does not offer the Floyd Rose. All models are available in a choice of three colors, Crimson Red (CRED), Dark Metallic Blue (DMB) and See-Thru Black (STBLK).

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Introducing the Gibson Dusk Tiger

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A killer guitar with a look and construction that has never been seen before. Dusk Tiger represents the state of the art in electric guitars, redefining what the guitar can do with the integration of pioneering technology with the most advanced design in the industry, all in a Limited Edition package with only 1,000 sold worldwide.

Unparalleled Tonal Flexibility

With a tonal flexibility that is unmatched by any other, Dusk Tiger keeps 100 percent of the purity of tone realized through analog technology, and also expands on Dark Fire’s tones by offering ultra-low-noise, programmable on-board multiband EQ controlled by flexible editing software.

Optimized For Stage and Studio

Dusk Tiger is the perfect guitar both on stage and in the studio. The combination of magnetic and piezo pickups gives traditional and more “acoustic” guitar tones, while separate outputs for each string allow you to create sounds from classic to beyond futuristic. Add to that a multichannel FireWire interface and Ableton Live 8 and your possibilities are unlimited.

Exceptional Ease Of Use

All the tones and the 18 user-programmable alternate tunings (featuring third-generation Robot Tuning Technology) are easily accessible through a streamlined, stage-friendly interface, designed for ease of use and inspired by intensive focus groups with leading guitarists.

A History Of Continued Refinement

Technological advancements in design allow for lower current consumption, unprecedented reliability, and the use of common camera batteries that can be replaced in seconds – and offer much longer battery life. What's more, these refinements have led to reduced manufacturing costs, making Dusk Tiger the most affordable high-tech guitar yet.

Smoothly Playable

Ultimately, Dusk Tiger is a beautiful, smoothly playable guitar. It recalls the time-honored Les Paul body lines, but presents them in a guitar with a flat top (coupled to a tone-chambered back) made from exotic hardwood covered with golden, amber, and dark chocolate hues, and accented by a unique new pickguard and control layout. Dusk Tiger is set up using advanced Plek technology to insure uniform feel and extreme playability.

The World's Most Advanced Guitar

Dusk Tiger reflects Gibson’s commitment to stretching the boundaries of the electric guitar, while honoring the elements that make classic guitars so desirable in the first place, bringing you simply the most astonishing innovation in the history of the guitar.

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Capitalizing on the successful and critically acclaimed Badwater series, AXL presents the Badwater Semi-hollowbody electric guitar, for players who want the individuality of a distressed Badwater finish on a semi-hollowbody humbucker guitar. AXL Badwater guitars offer players unique finishes and aged components in an exceptionally well-designed and playable package. The Badwater Semi-hollowbody expands the line by adding a dual-humbucker semi-hollow guitar with a set neck.

The Badwater Semi-hollowbody (AE-820) is built with a set maple neck, 2 EMG-designed Alnico humbuckers, and a classic-style semi-hollowbody design. The guitar's rosewood fretboard helps deliver a warm, thick tone. The scale length is a traditional 24 3/4" for vintage punch. The Badwater Semi-hollowbody is available in the popular Badwater antique white and matte sunburst finishes. Each guitar body has been distressed individually by the AXL workshop, so no two are alike. The Badwater Semi-hollowbody comes with carefully distressed pickguard, tone and volume knobs, and anodized tuning machines, bridge assembly, and strap buttons for a unique look and vintage feel.

The Badwater Semi-hollowbody is the newest addition to the popular AXL Badwater Series guitars. AXL Guitars is also the builder of the Wavepoint, Jacknife and Marquee Series electric guitars and basses.

MAP $324.99/ Available January 2010

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PRS Guitars presents the SE Singlecut Korina

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The new SE Singlecut Korina is a versatile, light weight guitar with a musical tone, and is the first solid Korina SE model offered by PRS Guitars.

The SE Singlecut Korina features include a solid Korina body, 3-piece Korina neck with 22 fret Rosewood fretboard, 25” scale length and moon inlays. Other appointments include two-humbuckers, a master volume and tone and a 3-way toggle. Vintage Amber is currently the SE Singlecut Korina’s exclusive color offering.

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Eastwood Guitars has announced the shipping of their 500th Mandocaster. Since this totally unique eight-string solid body mandolin was quietly introduced in spring 2007, it has become a top seller and a much desired instrument by both the professional and home studio musician.

The Eastwood Mandocaster features a solid Alder body with a bolt on 14” scale maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. Two single coil pickups with their 3-way switch provide total sound versatility. There is in a left handed model and an optional custom hard shell case available for this guitar-style mandolin. It is a dynamic instrument with amazing action and tone and is being used on stages around the world.

Come visit Eastwood Guitars at NAMM booth #1155 in January.

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The Bob Moog Foundation has announced a once in a lifetime eBay auction to begin Monday December 7, 2009 and run through December 17, 2009. Moog Music Inc., the company which carries on the legacy of synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog through its innovative instruments, is donating a Collector Edition (1 of only 300) Moog Guitar serial #005, signed and played by Lou Reed. The guitar will be auctioned on the Bob Moog Foundation's eBay page beginning at noon (EST) on December 7 and concluding at noon (EST) on December 17, 2009. The strikingly beautiful instrument is a maple top Tiger Eye Flame with an ash body, maple neck and ebony fret board. Reed has signed the front of the guitar; his labels for the guitar's controls remain on the instrument as well as the brackets for his guitar strap.

Lou Reed, best known as the former guitarist, vocalist and principle songwriter for the experimental rock band Velvet Underground, has enjoyed a prolific career as a solo guitarist known for the pioneering of many sound effects including distortion, high volume feedback and nonstandard tunings. His love affair with the innovative Moog Guitar began early, as he played the instrument in its prototype phase. Reed experiences the Moog Guitar for the first time in this YouTube video. Upon hearing the guitar for the first time, Reed exclaimed “This changes everything”. Reed performed on the Moog Guitar on the David Lettermen Show in the fall of 2008.

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Introducing the Les Paul Tribute 1952 Guitar

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The passing of the incomparable Les Paul in August 2009 broke the hearts of guitar enthusiasts around the world. What can never be broken, though, is the legacy of innovation and creativity that he built during 94 years of constant musicianship. Though the original guitar he designed in 1952 has informed every Gibson guitar since, our engineers were inspired anew to handcraft a guitar just the way Les demanded it nearly 60 years ago.

Never before has a Les Paul guitar been so completely designed to Les’ original specifications. Until now. Anchored by a golden mahogany body, maple top and rosewood fingerboard, the Les Paul Tribute 1952 is equipped with an all-new bridge that’s an exact replica of Les’ original 1952 patent. Our luthiers have also added historical interest with details like stamping “prototype” into the back of the peg head and staying true to Les’ preference for P-90 pickups. The Les Paul Tribute 1952 honors the most important figure in all of guitar history and the guitar he designed and loved.

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Inspired by the technology, style, and spirit of the famed Italian "supercar" manufacturer, Blackbird Guitars' brings you the limited-edition Ferrari-branded "Rider". The ultra-rare Ferrari Blackbird guitars were sold at Ferrari Stores worldwide and signed by F1 drivers Philipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen. Based on Blackbird Guitars' high-performance Rider travel guitar, it is the first instrument fit for the Ferrari namesake.

Like Ferrari, it is a study in superlatives—among the most resonant, durable and lightest guitars in the world. The Rider travel guitar is compact enough to fit in the trunk of a sports car, but it plays and sounds like a much bigger instrument. It looks like nothing else on the market: sleek, black carbon fiber speaks to the high-tech materials and construction while the exclusive Maranello Red interior, accented red A string, and Ferrari Scuderia emblem highlights the passion of world-class Italian motoring.

Blackbird Guitars blends traditional guitar-making with design and construction inspired by Formula 1 race cars. The guitar features a one-piece, hollow neck, carbon fiber construction—and a unique sound port at the head directly influenced by F1 race car design. The high-performance Ferrari pedigree is more than just show—designer and Blackbird founder Joe Luttwak worked for the storied car manufacturer in Maranello, Italy.

This experience laid the foundation for this thoroughbred of a guitar, inspired by Ferrari's unque commitment to technology, style, and performance. "Great acoustic guitar construction, like great race car construction, benefits from stiff and ultra light materials. Using carbon fiber, like Ferrari's Formula 1 race cars, for the guitar's uni-body design produces an instrument that sounds better and is much more durable than any travel guitar available today. Many ideas for Blackbird Guitar's models were inspired by my time at Ferrari, and it's wonderful to make a model that honors their unparalleled technology, ingenuity and success."

All Blackbird Rider models are built for the road with a virtually indestructible carbon-fiber body that is less than two-thirds the size of a standard acoustic, but has nearly an equivalent tone—so players no longer need to compromise tone for portability. Each Blackbird Rider is beautifully hand-crafted, with the carbon fiber expertly constructed to balance tone, weight and strength.

The first run of the exlusive Ferrari guitar series is now sold out, but Blackbird Guitars is accepting special, custom orders on the Rider model. Blackbird Guitars are made in San Francisco by a small team of luthiers by the Bay. The world's best travel guitars, the Rider steel and Rider Nylon, now start at $1499. The Blackbird family also includes the larger Super OM.

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From his prolific solo work, to his prominent memberships in the supergroup Praxis and rock legends Guns N’ Roses, Buckethead has displayed one of the most fiery creative personas of our times, and has continually affirmed his stance in the upper echelon of contemporary shredders. Equally attention-grabbing as his incendiary chops, Buckethead’s stage show and visual presence remain unique among the rock field, and his Gibson guitars—a white Les Paul in particular—have always been a big part of that.
As Gibson continues to roll out the Rocktober action, the Buckethead Signature Les Paul celebrates this unparalleled artist’s achievements. With an oversized, chambered Les Paul body, a marker-less ebony fingerboard, and Buckethead’s choice of Gibson’s contemporary ceramic humbucking pickups—complete with modified electronics and “arcade” style kill switches—this is a Les Paul like none to have come before. It’s primed to get you noticed, and designed for utmost performance for the contemporary rock, metal, and shred performer.
Each Buckethead Signature Les Paul is crafted from a two-piece maple top attached with ultra-strong Franklin Titebond 50 glue to a chambered mahogany body. This wood combination, one of the most legendary pairs in the history of the solid and semi-solid electric guitar, yields a “best of both worlds” tonal splendor.

he Buckethead Signature Les Paul is equipped with a Grade-A ebony fingerboard, which enhances note attack and articulation. A hard, dense, dark-black exotic wood, ebony has commonly been regarded as a deluxe, upgraded option on electric guitars, and has been used by Gibson in the past on the Les Paul Custom. Ebony is also extremely hard-wearing, and more resistant to humidity and climate and weather changes than many other fingerboard woods.

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For more than 35 years, AC/DC has represented the archetypal “big rock” guitar sound, setting the standards for countless bands to follow. In particular, Angus Young’s incendiary lead tone and mammoth rhythm crunch have inspired wave after wave of rock guitar heroes, and he has done it all on a Gibson SG Standard. The SG replaced the underappreciated Les Paul Standard in 1961, and while the Les Paul would surface later in the decade as a rock and blues classic, the new SG (originally named Les Paul/SG) was an instant hit in its own right. Its simple yet inspired ingredients of thin, all-mahogany body and neck and two Gibson humbucking pickups gave it a snappy attack with a muscular punch, and its slim, fast neck yielded unprecedented playability. Now the Gibson Custom Shop offers its reproduction of one of the world’s most renowned SGs in the form of the Angus Young SG, a Limited Edition that captures the tone, look, and feel of this rare specimen among a classic breed, but which updates this legendary guitar with custom modifications requested by Angus himself.
Angus Young acquired his 1968 SG Standard in 1970, and has used it on all major AC/DC recordings and many tours since the band’s inception in 1973. Young’s ’68 SG is known to be a superb example of this model, with an unusually slim neck, pickups that blend just the right proportions of power and sweetness, and a resonant, vocal tone that represents the best of the SG formula. Listen closely to any classic AC/DC tune, and the tone is huge, but not filthy or fizzy. Angus’s ’68 SG achieves a stunning clarity and definition right within its bone-crushing thump and grind. With utmost attention to detail, the Angus Young SG seeks to achieve that tone, aided by a pair of custom-spec Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates humbucking pickups. And with 50 guitars out of the total run of 250 aged in-house by Gibson and signed by Angus himself, this outstanding Custom Shop reproduction also nails the look of this legendary guitar, with upgraded modifications at Angus’s request, including an ebony fingerboard with “lightning bolt” inlays (a further 200 guitars will receive the VOS treatment). The Custom Shop Angus Young SG will also be sold with a custom Certificate of Authenticity, a Gibson Custom Shop hardshell case, and a full range of owner’s manuals and instruction sheets.

Classic rock doesn’t get much bigger than AC/DC, and no one wallops out the massive, bone-crunching tone like Angus Young on his Gibson SG. Young’s incendiary tone has inspired wave after wave of rock guitar heroes, and turned on countless players to the power of his seminal guitar of choice, the SG. Now the Gibson USA Angus Young SG, brings all the tone and playability of this classic double-cutaway made to Young’s own specs within reach of the hard-working rock guitarist, giving you all the punch, crunch, and sizzle that Angus achieves with his own treasured instrument.Way back in 1961 the Gibson SG replaced the underappreciated Les Paul Standard, and while the Les Paul would surface later in the decade as a rock and blues classic, the new SG (originally named Les Paul/SG) was an instant hit in its own right. Its simple yet inspired ingredients of thin, all-mahogany body and neck and two Gibson humbucking pickups gave it a snappy attack with a muscular punch, and its slim, fast neck yielded unprecedented playability. The Gibson USA Angus Young SG not only captures the look, feel and sound of a classic SG, it also embodies some of the rare specs and qualities of Angus’s own ’68 model, known to be a stand-out example among a classic breed. It’s light, all-mahogany body yields superb resonance, while its extra slim, narrow neck provides unparalleled playability—and, topped with an upgraded ebony fingerboard with lightning-bolt inlays, it also provides a look that will help any rocker stand out from the crowd. Loaded with Gibson’s popular 57 Classic humbucking pickup in the neck and an Angus Young humbucker in the bridge for added punch and sizzle, it also packs all the firepower a gigging guitarist needs to cut it on the big stage. Each guitar comes with a snug-fitting Gibson USA hardshell case.

You have a rare wealth of creative potential lurking deep within, but until now no guitar has had the power to fully tap into it. Enter Gibson’s Dusk Tiger, simply the most astounding innovation in the history of the guitar. In the wake of Gibson’s groundbreaking Dark Fire, the new Dusk Tiger offers an unprecedented wealth of features to expand your sonic horizons exponentially, yet it brings them to you with greatly increased levels of performance and ease of use, and all at an affordable price.

And not only does Dusk Tiger offer an awe-inspiring versatility of tone and playability, it also captures a stunning new look that is arguably refined in such a way that musicians will stare in amazement. It retains the general Les Paul-inspired body lines, but presents them in a guitar with a flat top made from an exotic hardwood beaming with golden, amber, and dark chocolate hues. This top is coupled with a tone-chambered back, and a unique new pickguard and control layout. Under the hood, the Dusk Tiger reveals countless new features and unprecedented technology that give it even more power, along with considerable upgrades and improvements of existing electronics and control systems, and an unlimited number of sound possibilities.

New to the Dusk Tiger are:

- Programmable active four-band parametric EQ systems for both the magnetic and the piezo pickups, which allow infinite fine tuning of your tone

- Switchable LP-Z High Definition Impedance circuit (low impedance capabilities) built into improved Neutrik jack with both ¼” and XLR outputs

- And much, much more…