Grosh Guitars announces the Grosh Reserve Limited Edition DG-50 Amplifier

Last weekend at the Arlington Guitar Show in Dallas Texas, Grosh Guitars have announced their first ever Amp - The Grosh Reserve Limited Edition DG-50 Amplifier.

Here's what they have to say about it and a picture!

The Grosh DG-50 amplifier delivers legendary Grosh quality in a 50-watt British style head. As the Grosh Retro Classic represents a traditional California style guitar taken to the highest possible level, the DG-50 is a classic amplifier with every practical detail improved upon. The result is an amplifier that is simple and versatile, brimming with best-in-class tone.

The DG-50 features immaculate hand-wired build quality and high tolerance recreations of period-correct components. Every part used is very simply the best available, from the SoZo signal caps and Heyboer magnetics to the military spec potentiometers. The result is an articulate signal path, full of sparkling harmonics, with enough touch sensitivity to hear the ridges of your fingerprints.

The key to making the most of this amp is realizing that with no master volume, there are usable tones through the entire range of the preamp volume controls. With 50 watts from the Winged ā€œCā€ EL-34ā€™s, the amp can be pushed into power amp distortion at usable sound levels.

Channel I is voiced like a traditional 1969 lead circuit. It goes from tight and twangy through a quick break up. The middle of the dial yields classic 70ā€™s arena rock bite. Dimed out, it delivers an authoritative brown sound, bristling with crunchy overtones.

Channel II is mellow and less aggressive, but brighter than a stock bass channel to be more usable throughout the range of the preamp. With more headroom, it starts clean and glassy, has a smooth spongy break-up, with warm and wooly overdrive.

A 4-input amp, both channels sport high and low sensitivity inputs for added versatility. These can be used separately with an A/B box, as wet/dry inputs, daisy chained with other amps, or jumpered to combine the tones of both channels.

Despite its versatility, the DG-50 is not a bells-and whistles amplifier. Like Grosh guitars, it is a traditional offering, improved upon through a meticulous tone-oriented design process and executed with uncompromising detail. The result is an amplifier that finally does justice to the nuances of a Grosh guitar.

Amplifier Specifications

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