Top 5 Ableton Live controllers

Using a mouse for Ableton Live is really boring so I thought I’d round up the top 5 controllers for Ableton Live.

1. Akai APC40The daddy of all Ableton Live controllers, the APC40 has it all pads, knobs, faders, a crossfader, buttons and even lights up like a christmas tree. Can you tell I want one.

2. Akai MPK25

Maybe not on everyones top Ableton Live controller lists but you have to think outside the box a little. All the elements are there, keys, knobs, pads and buttons it’s up to you how you use them.

3. Monome

Incredebly hard to get your mits on and growing a cult following by the day. The monome is probably one of the more geekier controllers and requires a little bit of programing than your average out of the box job. That said it’s possibiltys are endless and although it’s not always associated with Ableton Live I think the two have a bright future together.

4. Akai MPD32

The MPD32 kind of looks like a less developed APC40 to my eyes. Anyway it has all the makings of a good controller pads, sliders, knobs and buttons.

5. Nocturn

The Novation Nocturn is an unlikely contender for the top 5 but from own experiences it’s very very good. It’s got the elements, buttons, knobs and a crossfader but the real star is the software behind it which gives the Nocturn much more flexibilty over it’s competitors.