Steve Lukather's personal gear on eBay!

Last night reader 'Sean' was searching eBay for Ibanez guitars and came across a listing for a Steve Lukather prototype.Sean says "Well its out of my price range, but I went ahead and checked the other items that the seller had. It looks like Steve Lukather is using L.A. Vintage Gear to sell a bunch of his used gear. This is huge for any Toto fan. If it were Paul Gilbert selling his stuff the next auction you would see would be for one of my kidneys."

"Perhaps most enticing to an Ibanez geek such as myself is Luke's Ibanez prototype guitar. I guess the market's going to be flooded with kidneys pretty soon cos I'd like pretty much all of this stuff too!"

Here's the listing for Luke's Ibanez Prototype Guitar. It says :

~ Lukes Ibanez Prototype Guitar ~

If you’re a Steve Lukather fan then this guitar has to be the Holy Grail for you. This guitar was made for Luke in we believe 1983. This is a prototype made for Luke that was supposed to go into production but didn’t materialize. This is THE ONLY ONE made! There wasn’t 2 or 3 made, just this ONE !
Guitar is in great shape. 26 years old now ! Frets are perfect . Comes in it’s original custom case.
There are heaps of photos with the listing.
Here are the other items listed:
Rickenbacker 362 /12 Double Neck Guitar
Fender Princeton Reverb Amplifier
Gibson Chet Atkins Guitar
Valley Arts Guitar
Carvin Acoustic / Electric Guitar
1966 Fender Electric 12 Guitar
Vintage Roger Linn 9000 Drum Machine
CAE Bob Bradshaw Switching System
Digitech GSP2101 Digital Guitar Preamp

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