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Guyatone releases second batch of Mighty Micro Series

Posted by sarabdeep Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Godlyke has announced the release of the second batch of Guyatone Mighty Micro series compact effect pedals. Based on Guyatone’s award-winning Micro Series effects, the mighty micros offer professional-grade features and exceptional sound quality in an ultra-compact, lightweight chassis that is 33% smaller and 50% lighter than the average stompbox.

The second round of mighty micro models will be available in summer, 2009 and features the following models:

MCm5 Micro Chorus – Analog Chorus with Panasonic MN3207 IC and true bypass switching.

List Price - $190.00/MAP - $161.50

STm5 Compressor/Sustainer – VCA Compressor with 3080 OpAmp and true bypass switching.

List Price - $160.00/MAP - $136

SVm5 Slow Volume – New features include Release and Attenuator control for use with various input signals.

List Price - $170/MAP - $144.50

TZm5 Torrid Fuzz – Transistor Fuzz can reproduce classic or modern distortion tones.

List Price - $160.00/MAP - $136.00

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