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FREE Video GUITAR lessons :: WATCH & LEARN

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You will find over 90 free video lessons on this site and even more text only lessons. We hope that these lessons will help improve your guitar playing and also give you an idea of the level of instruction we offer.
We hope you enjoy the site and remember that it's always a good idea to find a guitar teacher at your local music store to enhance your development.

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Top Beginner Bass Guitars

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Buying a bass guitar for a novice can be tricky... there are a ton of cheap beginner basses out there, but many of them feature cheap hardware, and shoddy workmanship. The trick is to find a bass guitar that is both easy to learn on, yet also easy on the pocketbook. The following basses, all of which hover in the several hundred dollar range, are some of the best valued bass guitars on the market.
1. Yamaha RBX374 : Yamaha have earned a reputation for being a company able to produce quality instruments with low price tags. The RBX374, with it's fully alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, and P-style pickup, is no exception. Although not the cheapest bass on this list, this model offers quite good value for the price.

2. Squier Standard Jazz : This is Fender's low priced version of the classic Fender Jazz bass. The pickups and electronics are inferior, and there are lots of other reasons why this Squier model isn't of the same caliber as the original, yet for the price tag, this instrument will still provide that Fender Jazz sound, without busting your budget.

3. Epiphone Les Paul Special Bass : If you're a bassist who loves the look of the classic Gibson Les Paul guitars, this Epiphone model bass guitar may appeal to you. The Epiphone Les Paul bass features a solid mahogany body with maple neck, and two humbucking pickups. The bass is fairly heavy, and should be able to withstand a good amount of abuse.

4. Ibanez GSR200 : This low-cost Ibanez bass guitar has an individual look and feel. The body is made from Athagis wood, the neck from maple, and the fingerboard from rosewood. The GSR200 features a rather thin neck, which many people might find easier to learn on. As is usually the case with low cost instruments, the electronics aren't top notch, but for the money, the GSR200 is a good bet.

Top Beginner Electric Guitars

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The most commonly accepted method of choosing a low cost electric guitar is to find an instrument with good quality wood, and at least reasonable workmanship. Guitar manufacturers tend to cut corners with cheaper guitars, by using cheaper pick-ups, and hardware, but these are all upgradeable parts. The following are some of the better low cost electric guitars available.

1. Squier Fat Stratocaster : This are one of several Squier models available that offer a pretty good product for a reasonably low price. The pick-ups and hardware are sometimes suspect, and the workmanship varies from instrument to instrument, but for the price, these are a very good beginner guitar choice. The look of the instrument is appealling - Squier Fat Strats are similar in appearance to the much more expensive Fender Stratocasters.

2. Epiphone G-310 SG : Modelled after the much more expensive Gibson SG guitars, the Epiphone SG G310 keeps it's cost low by using cheaper hardware and lower quality humbucking pick-ups. The G-310 features an alder body, a mahogany neck, and a dot-inlayed rosewood fingerboard. The buzz on this guitar is it's a very good value for the money.

3. Yamaha PAC012DLX Pacifica Series HSS Deluxe : Here's another guitar many people feel is a great value. This Pacifica features an agathis body, maple neck, and rosewood fretboard, with two single coil pick-ups, and one humbucker. The consensus is the guitar is reasonably well made, and the quality of the wood tends to be high. Those who go on to become serious guitarists might want to consider upgrading the electronics of the Pacifica HSS.

4. Squier Affinity Series Telecaster : Guitarists like Keith Richards, Steve Cropper, Albert Lee, and Danny Gatton favor the look and sound of the Telecaster. If you're a fan of any of those guitarists, this beginner guitar may be for you. The Affinity Telecaster features an alder body, with a maple neck and fretboard.

5. Epiphone Les Paul Special II : The Les Paul is perhaps the most famous guitar in rock and roll. Epiphone has done a good job of visually re-creating the Les Paul in this lower-cost guitar marketed towards beginners. The Special II features a laminated alder/maple body, a magogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, and two open-coil humbucking pick-ups.

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Top Beginner Acoustic Guitars

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Few of the Top Beginner Acoustic Guitars

1. Seagull S6 : These Canadian-made instruments are terrific guitars - very highly regarded, both for their beautiful sound, and their excellent value. The S6 features a solid cedar top, and mahogany back and sides. Although the price may be slightly above what some might be willing to pay for a first guitar, it should be considered an investment.

2. Yamaha FG700S : Perhaps not in the same league as the Seagull, the FG700S is still a solid beginner instrument, and for the price (significantly cheaper than the S6), it's a good value. Guitar features a solid sitka spruce top, with nato back and sides.

3. Takamine G-340 : This beginner model Takamine guitar features a laminated spruce top. Although it clearly isn't on par with some of the higher end Takamine guitars, the general consensus is the G-340 offers a pretty good bang for the buck.

4. Fender CD-140S : This lower cost Fender acoustic boasts a solid spruce top, with laminated mahogany back and sides. Cheaper Fender products tend to be occasionally guilty of lackluster workmanship, but, considering the solid spruce top, this guitar could be attractive to newbies.

5. Epiphone DR-100 : The DR-100 features a spruce top, with mahogany back and sides. This guitar can usually be found at a rather cheap price, which makes it attractive to beginners. Most consider this a strictly beginner instrument, however, so it may not be long before you'll want to trade up.

6. Fender DG-8S : This is a low-priced acoustic guitar is bundled in a beginner's package by Fender. The top of the guitar is solid Sitka spruce, with mahogany back and sides. Not a guitar you'll keep around forever, but should serve the beginner guitarist well.

7. Ibanez AC30NT : The Ibanez AC30NT is another well-constructed instrument with solid Engelmann spruce top, and mahogany back and sides. This combination creates a warm, bottom-end tone with bright highs.

8. Taylor Baby Taylor : This is a 3/4 size dreadnought guitar, making it a good choice for younger guitarists with smaller hands. Taylor has a reputation for being one of America's greatest guitar makers, and although they've cut a few corners here to meet a low-price point, this is still a solid instrument.

9. Martin LX1 : One of the most highly esteemed guitar makers has provided this 3/4 size guitar, designed for guitarists with small hands and small pocketbooks. The LXI features a solid sapele top, back and sides.

Tips to buy a Beginner Guitar or Bass

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Choosing a beginner instrument can be tricky, since the chances are you don't know a whole lot about guitars to begin with. Your first decision involves choosing to learn on either an electric or acoustic guitar. Once that choice has been made, you're going to need to decide on a budget for your purchase. Avoid buying an ultra-cheap instrument, as it will not only make learning guitar more difficult, it will also have little re-sale value.

Acoustic Guitar : These instruments provide the most hassle free way to learn - there's no fussing with amplifiers and cords - something necessary with electric guitars. The drawback is that acoustic guitars are harder to play. A low quality acoustic guitar can make it virtually impossible for a beginner to progress quickly. Avoid cheap pawn shop acoustics - a slightly more expensive guitar will pay off in the long run.

Top Beginner Acoustic Guitars

Electric Guitar : Choosing to begin learning guitar on an electric probably means your budget will have to be slightly higher, to accomodate buying an amplifier. The advantage of choosing an electric guitar is that they are generally easier to play, so you'll notice improvement more quickly. If the music you like tends to be more electric guitar oriented, you'll probably want to start by playing one.

Top Beginner Electric Guitars

Bass Guitar : Although not traditionally a beginner's choice, the bass guitar can be a rewarding instrument to start learning music on. Because rock and roll bass is generally somewhat easy to learn, beginner bassists will often be playing songs within a few weeks. The downside is that bass guitar often sounds "empty" when not accompanied by a guitar or other instrument.

Top Beginner Bass Guitars

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