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The new Magnedyne adjustable tone single coil pickup by is a hand wound vintage style pickup whose tone can be instantly changed. For direct replacement of any Strat style guitar pickup, requiring no modifications to your pickguard or guitar body. Adjustable Tone? Yes, the Magnedyne single coil pickup is electrically adjustable. By turning the tiny control pot on top of the pickup you can make adjustments to the sound of the pickup. The Magnedyne pickup includes a built-in passive circuit that effectively changes the pickup’s inductance, resistance and capacitance; the elements that change how a pickup sounds. This is achieved without any active electronics and no need for a battery.

Vintage Style:
Hand wound and made in the vintage style using Forbon bobbin flanges, ALNICO V magnetic pole pieces and vintage style cloth covered hook up wires. After the Magnedyne pickup has been wound it is wax potted in a mixture of beeswax and paraffin, followed by wrapping the coil with cloth.
From The Maker:
Tony Amendolare says; "Since I first began making custom hand wound pickups I have encountered many players who change their pickups often, searching for a new tone or an overall improved guitar sound. As an alternative option to constantly changing your pickups the Magnedyne pickup allows you to electrically change the pickup's tonal characteristics with the turn of a small trim pot.
Since there are no active electronics the true unaffected guitar tone is maintained. This is great for us tone purists, or for the player who wished his neck (or any other position) pickup sometimes had more grit and other times had more twang.
The Magnedyne pickup is as easy to install as any other single coil pickup and will allow you to have more control over your guitars tone."
- Vintage style fiberboard bobbin flanges.- Black and white cloth covered hookup wires.- ALNICO V magnetic pole pieces.- Built-in adjustable trim pot.- Built-in passive circuitry
Availability & Price:
The Magnedyne pickup is on sale for $89.00
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