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How to Buy a Guitar

By Dan Cross, Guide to Guitar

A collection of resources designed to help guitarists make smart and informed decisions when purchasing new guitars, amps, and other equipment.

  1. Beginner Recommendations
  2. User Submitted Guitar Reviews
  3. Getting Ready to Buy

Beginner Recommendations

Choosing a new instrument can be overwhelming for the beginner guitarist. To make your decisions easier, here are several hand-picked lists of the best low cost beginner instruments available.

User Submitted Guitar Reviews

Here is an ever-growing archive, designed to allow guitarists to share their opinions of specific guitars with others. Read the reviews, and submit your own opinions to be featured on the site.

Getting Ready to Buy

Before you sink your hard-earned dollars into a new piece of guitar gear, you'll want to spend some time doing some research. The following articles should help you make an informed decision on buying a new guitar or amp.


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Guitar Tuner

An online tuner to help you tune a guitar by ear..

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